Resettlement plans pending

Plans to resettle the people of Kadovar Island remain pending.

Wewak District CEO Martin Maingu said the government is still making considerations for a permanent resettlement.

They want to ensure that there are no issues tied to the people of Kadovar when they choose the area in which they want the people to settle.

At present the rest of the 39.5 hectares of land, of which they bought 3.5 from, remains an option.

The Wewak DDA and the National Government purchased the 3.5 hectares of land for K110,000, and this has helped the settlers to be self-sustaining.

However, Maingu said the government has to weigh out the pros and cons, and consider issues being raised by landowners on the mainland before they can purchase the rest.

Kadovar is a volcanic island located about 24km offshore from the northern coast of mainland PNG, in East Sepik Province, and about 21km west of Bam volcano.

Believed to be dormant for decades, the volcano erupted on Friday, January 5, 2018.

Salome Vincent