Rental fees for Boroko market

Market rental fees will be implemented at the new Boroko market when vendors move in to sell their produce.

This means daily fees of K2 will no longer be effective when sales begin.

NCD Market Manager, Charlie Pengi, said market spaces will have to be rented according to the number of days a market vendor wants to sell his or her produce.

Pengi said the market spaces are not for the vendor to own and keep for good and depending on the number of days they want to keep selling their produce; they have to pay for that set amount of days.

One day is equivalent to K2.

“Say if a mother wants to keep selling her produce for a week (7days), she will have to pay K14 rental fee for the 7 days up until when and if she decides to renew her rental for the next couple of days again to sell her produce.”

He said NCDC is arranging for these prepaid spaces to be made available for mothers who have goods to sell for more than a day, especially those coming into the city from the main highways.

Annette Kora