Remote villages display self-reliance

Remote communities in the lower Ramu area in Madang Province welcome for the time, Governor Ramsey Pariwa on Sunday 26 March, 2023. The Governor was invited to witness the opening of a church people which the people fundraised for the built.

In a display of self-reliance, Dagit and Wankit communities proudly displayed two beautiful and decent buildings for worship that they erected through funds derived from selling dried fish and betel nut.

Governor Pariwa flew in on a helicopter. The villages in ward 35 of Yawar LLG in Bogia District are accessible only by river transport.

Despite their isolation, these communities were able to erect two church buildings. Chairman of Dagit Primary School Board, Francis Ruirak, said the Catholic Parish Priest provided a sawmill and they were able to mill two kwila logs to build a church and two permanent classrooms for the school. They also sold some wood to other Catholic communities. 

During the opening, officials from the Governor’s office pledged K25,000 to complete the interior of the church as well as purchase instruments for church worship. Governor Pariwa who was invited for the opening of the two churches could not make it to Wankin in time for the oepning, but made it to Dagit that afternoon. 

He told the Dagit community his government will connect them to basic government services with a road link.

Governor Pariwa then travelled downstream to Korkam boat stop where he met more people before he taking a vehicle back to Madang Town.

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