Remote SHP village drives youth development

The National Youth Development Authority has been tirelessly putting together policies that will drive PNG's youth development.

Meanwhile, a remote village in Southern Highlands Province is advancing on its own in this area.

Kuige (pronounced Kwige) yesterday launched the Kutubu Youth Skills Training Center.

This centre will deliver technical education for the youth in Kuige and the LLG as a whole.

It takes only one committed man or one generation to make a stand, which can change an entire population for a long time.

Kuige has proven so.

The idea of a centre was a collective decision but it took a brave man like Warubi Masahimu to selflessly fund the project out of his personal savings.

Today, Kuige has two completed classrooms, a workshop and an admin still in building progress.

The centre will focus on the many youth who have dropped out of the formal education system.

Carpentry lessons have already commenced, which even saw keen interest from local female youth.

Electrical trade will be introduced next year, providing certificates 1 & 2.

With over 25 years of experience as a trainer, Masahimu will be imparting his electrical skills at the centre. Other villagers with trade skills will also be attached with the school to do trainings. All this is free of charge.

This community initiative has impressed Herman Pulo, the NYDA director, who was present at the launch of the centre.

He even stressed that as per the National Youth Development Authority Act 2014, a separate youth budget is required at the district level down.

Even the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) was represented at the launch by the Assistant Secretary, Asseneth Tugiau.

Tugiau received the school profile and expanded a little on TVET.

The parties met today to highlight requirements that will move the institution forward.

This news was more welcoming for the youth population.

The youth has had the support of companies like ExxonMobil and Oil Search funding activities for the past three years.

But this project will need more support from the government, private sector, business houses, NGOs and locals.

Masahimu is determined to see this become a success.

He will manage the school and care for it with the help of other stakeholders.

Gloria Bauai