Regional Interpretation Workshop completed

The National Youth Development Authority has completed the Regional Interpretation Workshop on the Youth Policy 2020-2030.

The revised National Youth Policy was launched in September 2020.

Following that the NYDA embarked on regional interpretation workshops to create awareness on the policy at the subnational levels.

The aim of the workshop was to create awareness on the new policy direction, mobilise youth stakeholders at the subnational levels to form an alliance for action, align programs accordingly with the policy direction.

The Highlands and Southern Regional interpretation workshops were held last year, with recommendations from stakeholders collated.

Momase and New Guinea Islands was held in Lae and Kavieng respectively.

In both workshops, youth stakeholders viewed the workshop as the ideal point of interface with national agencies.

All stakeholders in the 4 workshops shared that they had been left out of the youth space for too long.

However the recent connectivity with NYDA and national agencies, has provided light at the end of the tunnel in terms of youth programs.

Recommendations from the workshops will compiled and presented to the executive government.

Going forward, NYDA envisages to stay actively engaged with all stakeholders at the district levels, and further support youth workplans.

Photo courtesy: NYDA

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