Reconciliation to bring peace

Madang Province has been marred with incidents of brutal murders in the recent times. This has affected the movement of people as well as government services including schools and health facilities especially in the Madang district.

Since taking office, Governor Ramsey Pariwa is determined to address this law and order issue using traditional peace building concepts.   

Governor for Madang, Ramsey Pariwa has strongly demanded for youths causing lawlessness in the Trans-Gogol LLG in Madang district to drop their weapons and turn to worthwhile activities to sustain their lives.

Governor Pariwa said this during a reconciliation event held recently between youths and community from Jopto village, ward 4 and youths from Baisarik and Tebesarik in ward 3 and Bemal, all from Trans-Gogol LLG in the Madang district.

It was the third of a series of reconciliation ceremonies in Madang district, which Governor Pariwa held to restore peace to allow government services to return. 

The first was between Gonowa and Nanal, the second was at Bau and Transgogol Secondary School.
After a gruesome killing and destruction of houses and properties at Jopto Village last year by combined youth groups from Baisarik, Tebesarik and Bemal, youths from Jobto retaliated with hold-ups of vehicles and harassment of travelling public.

During the attack, youths from Baisarik, Tebesarik and Bemal beheaded an elementary school teacher who was allegedly leading youths to conduct roadblocks and holdups along the road.

Madang police reports stated that after the beheading, the victim’s head was kept in captivity by the murderers. It was only returned to the family after days of negotiations.

Governor Pariwa said law and order problems by a minority is preventing government services from reaching majority of people.

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