Rare opportunity for disadvantaged children

Twenty-four orphans and disadvantaged children of remote Bundi, Madang Province, will be given a once-in a-lifetime excursion to Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, during their second term break from school.

Aged between six and ten, they are currently attending school in Simbu.

As part of their excursion, the students will get to ride on a 25-seater coaster bus, get to see the big bird Air Niugini land and take off at Goroka Airport, meet the friendly staff and Manager of the Brian Bell Home Centre at Goroka and visit the University of Goroka and the iconic Raun Raun Theatre Building at Goroka, among others.

Vincent Kumura of the Kumura Foundation said the goal of the trip is to expose them to an urban life as part of their early childhood mind development and education program.

For all of them, they have never been out like this, or have never travelled beyond the walls of their remote villages.

They will be travelling with the Kumura Foundation team.

“The trip will began tomorrow (Tuesday, July 7th) and end on Thursday, July 9th,” said Kumura.

“The kids will get picked up at Gembogl Station tomorrow at 6am and return to Gembogl on Thursday, 7pm.”

Kumura thanked the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for supporting their program.

Press release