Rabaul launches digital ward record book

Rabaul District Administration took a leap forward in efficient governance as it successfully launched its digital ward record book system on Monday 6th November.

This accomplishment marks the district's pioneering effort within the province to integrate online data collection and storage methods.

The digital ward record book, officially launched by Rabaul MP, Dr Allan Marat signifies the onset of efforts towards formulating the district's five-year development plan for the period 2023-2027.

By utilizing the Field Task Application via the Simple Mail Access Protocol (SMAP) server, the traditional hefty manual ward record book has transformed into a streamlined, real-time data repository.

Respective Community Development and Ward Development Officers from the four Local Level Governments have been granted access to the district's online database system.

This allows them to promptly upload new information regarding births, deaths, community projects, and other important ward details by using tablets and smartphones.

Speaking at the launching, Rabaul MP, Dr Allan Marat emphasized his long-held belief in the critical importance of an efficient data system.

He stressed that without accurate data, the district would struggle to devise plans for effective service provision to its wards.

“Real-time and accurate data will enable us to determine suitable projects for each ward, improving service delivery and enhancing connectivity," Dr Marat stated.

Marat also expressed his gratitude to the Rabaul District Administration for recognizing the significance of this initiative and further called for the implementation of a sustainability plan to ensure the program's longevity and continued success.

Meantime, Acting District Administrator, Freddy Lemeki extended his appreciation to the district's dedicated staff for their efforts, as well as to local consultant SolPeace Technologies for introducing the innovative database system.

"Gone are the days of carrying around bulky ward record books and manually inputting data. Now, we can update our records digitally from anywhere, and it will be seamlessly monitored here at the district level," Lemeki said.

Over the next two weeks, Ward Development and Community Development officers, along with the assistance of ward recorders, will collect data to kickstart the crucial phase of data consolidation and consultations.

This process will pave the way for drafting the district's five-year development plan.

This digital record-keeping endeavour marks a significant milestone for Rabaul District Administration, promising improved service delivery, data accuracy, and connectivity for the district and its communities. 

Loop Author