Puma Energy marks WED

Over 100 workers at the Puma Energy oil refinery at Napa Napa joined the world to commemorate World Environment Day (WED) with tree planting.

Yesterday, the workers, along with primary school students, planted over 50 trees to mark the day. Environmental science students at the University of Papua New Guinea also joined in the celebrations.

The program starting with tree planting then all participants took part in a WED fun event where they put their hand print on a wall to show their commitment to look after nature.

As part of the pre-event, the workers and students also took part in a photo competition in relation to the theme, where prizes and awards were given out during the event.

Puma Energy country manager Jim Collings highlighted that PNG has a beautiful environment that we must be responsible for by disposing rubbish the right way and caring for the plants and animals.

Collings told the staff that their commitment to the environment impacts the young generation.

“You can choose to pick up rubbish and plant a tree every year for the rest of your lives, you can choose to be responsible in your community and show personal leadership towards the environment.

“Make that choice now because our beautiful country cannot do it on its own,” he said.

300 reading books were also presented to each of the four schools that took part from the Buk Bilong Pikinini. The schools include Roku and Baruni Primary.

The theme for this years WED is ‘Connecting People to Nature’.

Quintina Naime