PNG’s early childhood development app

Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) and ExxonMobil PNG will launch a fun new learning app for PNG’s children.

An exciting part of the BbP Digital Teacher training program, which is taking part in Port Moresby from the 14-18th of December will be the launch of an early childhood development App based on BbP’s curriculum.

BbP believes that the key to an efficient digital learning program for the enrolled 5-year-old children, lies in the training of the teachers and in ensuring that the content of the training is practical and fully complements the BbP curriculum.

All BbPs Library Learning Centres will see the implementation of a new digital learning program in 2021 and BbP’s teacher training will prepare the teachers to support the children to read, play and learn on tablets.

Apps are a great tool for children to learn while having fun and not only help students to progress faster in their learning but also improves their ability to use technology. The BbP learning app will be used as part of BbP’s curriculum but parents will also be encouraged the download the free app so the children can continue to learn while they are away from the classroom.

The BbP learning app has been sponsored by ExxonMobil PNG and developed in partnership with the Australian human transformation company, Cogniss. EMPNG is a long-term donor of BbP and has also provided volunteers and sponsorship for the week-long digital training program.

ExxonMobil PNG has supported BbP since 2011 and has built Library Learning Centres for children in their project impact area and also assists with annual Literacy Week celebrations.

BbPs Early Childhood Development program seeks to provide children access to a vast library of books (more than 3000 books in each Library Learning Centre), comprehensive teaching of literacy, numeracy, pre-STEM and problem solving. The upcoming digital learning program will include app-based learning games and reading digitised curriculum content and books.

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