Parkop Acknowledges Church Contribution

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop, thanked the Iglesia Ni Christo Church for the 44 years of spreading the Gospel of Christ and social mission work in NCD and the country.

When receiving food donations from the Igelesia Ni Christo Church of Christ on Friday 22nd October, Governor Parkop acknowledge the church for the generous donation, despite its small size. 

“This is not just a mission of the church and the Gospel of Christ but equally a mission for humanity. That we are there for all the people in the world despite whatever differences of barriers. But we can reach out to as many people as possible to lift them, to give them hope, reduce their burden in their daily life,” Governor Parkop said.

Most importantly, he recognizes the church’s role in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love and peace that it can go to all corners of the world to lift humanity to live lives as what God wants for all the people.

Governor Parkop said when receiving a donation of food items for the Church of Christ AID. The Church will then distribute to the needy in the city.

Frieda Kana