Over 45,000 people to access upgraded hospital

Over 45,000 people from Bialla and Central Nakanai LLG, West New Britain, will eventually have access to the Bialla Health Facility, which will be upgraded to district hospital.

During the ground-breaking ceremony on Wednesday, WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel.

Speaking during the ceremony, Muthuvel expressed his gratitude in finally seeing this major project become reality. A funding of K1.1 million from the Provincial Services Improvement Program was available since 2015, but couldn't materialise due to the delay in the bureaucratic process.

"In any Government, education and health are two main priority sectors as they go hand in hand, just like both eyes in the human physical function that has each sharing equal importance,” said the Governor.

The upgrade of Bialla District Hospital will provide all services that a hospital delivers. It differs from a health centre as it delivers secondary health services and some specialty services. In a health centre, it’s purely primary health services.

But because it is in a district, it can provide primary as well as secondary in a ratio that can be accommodated by its human resource capacity. It will have permanent resident doctors and support services like pathology, x-ray, dental, mortuary, pharmacy, eye care, physiotherapy, mental health and blood bank, among others.

The Governor also praised New Britain Palm Oil Ltd, especially Hargy, who will be funding the doctors and nurses’ residence from its tax credit scheme.

"It is surely a privilege to see public/private partnership between the Government, the private sector and Provincial Health Authority,” said Muthuvel.

“This project is an ideal example of good partnership and collaboration to achieve results.”

(Governor Muthuvel at the ground-breaking ceremony)

Becky Marum