Online selections for HEI’s to cutback on cost

​The Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Pila Ninigi states that the new Online Selections will contribute to improving fairness, transparency and accountability in the selection process.

The current selection process is so costly, not transparent and at the same time very cumbersome resulting in many eligible students miss out in their once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We had also tackled the issue of cost-effectiveness, in saving the state K5 million that goes every year in the logistics and mobilization of selectors nationwide,” he said.

He said that the higher education sector has grown to such a stage in which the way students are selected must be improved to become honest and transparent.

He said the National Selections is the most significant event that affects our Grade 12 School Leavers adding that selectors from each of the Universities and Higher Education Institutions play a key role.

“Selectors ensure that we not only select but there is maximum opportunity given for Grade 12 school leavers that are eligible to continue studies in respective academic programs of choice.

“It is time we improve on this and adopt a system more transparent, user friendly and cost effective.”

Niningi said the department is looking at ways to improve how it facilitates the National Selections with the aim to improve transparency, accountability, and most importantly increase the probability of capable and eligible school leavers

He encourages all higher education institutions and important stakeholders to work as a team to prepare for the upcoming National Selections and also commended the Acting Secretary and his staff for this milestone initiative.

Annette Kora