New LLG swears in committees

Ward Development Committees (WDC) of Zone 2, of the newly-created Mamusi-Yana Rural LLG of Pomio District, were officially sworn in yesterday by District Court Magistrate, Ernest Wilmot.

The one-day program was held at the Serenguna Primary School for WDCs of 8 wards in zone 2, East New Britain Province.

The eight committees comprised of 56 members; with seven members per ward, which is inclusive of the ward member as the chairman of the WDC and the ward recorder.

Pomio deputy district administrator for operations, Joshua Jeremiah, said there is a training program for ward recorders in the coming week for the district, to be held at Palmalmal town.

He further urged the WDCs to know their roles, and support the sectors under their five sub committees.

The WDCs sworn in at Serenguna Primary School were from Maito, Palevolo, Viosopuna, Paka, Bili, Pokapuna, Okempuna and the host, Serenguna.

The eight WDCs were further advised by heads of sectors in the ENB Provincial Administration to realise the importance of ward governance and the roles and responsibilities that they must commit to, so to ensure a better and improved way of  living for their people.

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