New complex for Madang technical

Madang Technical College yesterday opened its K1.9 million administration complex amidst much fanfare.

The elaborate and well-organised event saw the Minister of Finance and Rural Development unveil the signage of the new complex as well as make a further K1 million commitment to the institution.  

The commissioning of the new Tiduk Haus Administration complex marks the launch of a new era for the college that currently enrolls over 600 students.

Proud principal Graham Bidang said the technical college will no longer be a small institution tucked away in the corner of a lagoon in Madang, but will rise up to be a centre of excellence in education and skills training.

“First funding source came from the Department of Education through TVET impact project,” he stated. “Then the Department of Higher Education topped it up to complete the building.”

Bidang has been with the Madang Technical College for two years now. Under his leadership, eight projects have been identified and rolled out, including the building of a new female dormitory as well as staff accommodation.

Furthermore, the institution now boasts a wifi network, where the principal aims to establish an e-library.

The Minister of Finance and Rural Development, Richard Maru, was impressed with the college and the financial management of the K1 million that was given to them in 2018.

He was pleased that the funding was not squandered but rather, used for the benefit of the next generation.

(Bougainville singsing group keeping the crowd entertained)

Carmella Gware