New ambulance for Napapar Health Centre

Gazelle District in East New Britain Province received a fully kitted ambulance from the PNG National Gaming Control Board (PNG NGCB).

Made possible through NGCB’s Community Benefit Fund (CBF) program, the ambulance was secured by Gazelle MP and National Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, Jelta Wong.

PNG NGCB’s CBF Manager, Alice Mamu Kaian, was in Kokopo at the Ela Motors yard to hand over the vehicle to the district.

Central Gazelle LLG President, Joe Endo, thanked the PNGNGCB for creating the CBF.

The ambulance is purposely for the Catholic Church run Napapar Health Centre, and will be handed over to the health centre on Friday, 24th February.

Endo said the Napapar Health Centre services more than 6,000 people in the Central Gazelle LLG and the catchment areas, including those from the other LLGs of Inland Baining, Lassul, Livuan-Reimber and Toma-Vunadidir.

Kaian said PNGNGCB, through the CBF, funds 11 other sectors in the country, including health.

She said the CBF receives 7 percent of the revenue collected by PNGNGCB and helps fund community projects.

Press release