NCR road to be upgraded: Gazelle MP

The Gazelle District Development Authority is keen to see the repair and upgrading of key roads in the district.

Two road projects are the North Coast Road in Livuan-Reimber LLG and Wairiki road sealing in the Toma-Vunadidir LLG.

Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong, made this assurance to counter concerns by frustrated locals and the travelling public who commute daily on the badly-deteriorated North Coast Road.

To make matters worse, flash floods in recent months have wreaked havoc on this once famous road.

The Gazelle MP, who is appealing for patience, said engineers will have to study closely the flow of water in order to upgrade the road.

ENB Technical Services Advisor, Bernie Wogan, said they will put in place proper drainage from Kabakada to Vunairima.

“We decided to do re-scoping from sealing to drainage which is paramount. This has resulted in drainage work at Wagaramut and Ramark and also a temporary bridge will be built at Kakaruk,” Wogan outlined.

He stated that K1 million was outsourced to the Gazelle Restoration Authority but the project was not tendered due to natural disasters, such as flash flooding, therefore a Certificate of Inexpediency (COI) was applied.

Wogan gave the assurance that the sealing of this vital road will be done in 2021 following drainage work.

He said another K100,000 has been allocated to tidy up and gravelling from Wagaramut to Ratongor this month, where contractors are to put in bids.

This week will also see the awarding of the Wairiki road sealing project to a contractor and work should commence next week.

Wogan clarified that for the Wariki road sealing project, K1 million was approved by the Gazelle DDA Board and K1 million from the provincial administration.

He said since Gazelle counter funded this project, the provincial technical services division wants to see district engineers take part in the supervision of this project.

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