Muthuvel presents truck to Malalia United Church

More than 14,000 people in the Hoskins LLG will benefit from the Malalia Fraternity Missionary Church Truck that was presented by WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel.


The truck was presented to the Superintendent Minister, Rev, Robinson Isoli of Malalia United Church in front of a large crowd recently.

Consisting of four congregations and nine pastorates the vehicle will serve its people
from as far as Sabal Tepun and Kasia who fall under the West Nakanai Division.

"We have had people walk as far as 10 to 20km to attend combined service on special occasions, and the vehicle will greatly ease our transport issues," said Rev Aisoli

The vehicle will boost to carry out evangelical programs for the Church that have always been limited due to lack of transport.

"Missionaries have always thought us to walk with the gospel like they did, and that is normal practice for laymen, but to have a leader to identify the need of the Church and empower the work of the gospel, that in itself speaks of the value and quality of leadership," he said.

Aisoli thanked Governor Sasindran Muthuvel for the vehicle along with his congregation and challenged his people to embrace the opportunity as an open door to push them to initiate an ongoing program to sustain the vehicle and to work towards the purchase of three more vehicles by the church.

In that way the people will be encouraged to take ownership of the property.


Freddy Mou