More than just writing and reading

Literacy is more than just writing and reading.

To achieve the theme “Quality Literacy for Economic Development”, Papua New Guineans, especially children, should adopt right attitudes to complement their literacy skills.

This was the take home message at Boera Primary School in commemoration of the National Literacy Week.

Pacific Sports Marketing Management Limited (PSMML) & ExxonMobil PNG are coordinating activities at schools in the Hiri West District.

The Goodwill Values Program conducted in LNG impacted communities benefits this week’s literacy week celebrations.

The events are designed to instil important community values, and to teach children the importance of literacy and comprehension.

Yesterday students of Boera Primary School presented what they have learnt about respect, gender equality and how to be game changers in their communities.

It was stressed that literacy is a tool that can broaden their understanding and knowledge, not only within their classroom setting, but also life in general.

“Especially for kids in the rural settings, they don’t have the opportunity to go into Port Moresby regularly and be exposed to new ideas and ways of learning and so they miss out on the advantages that students in POM are exposed to so it’s important these activities are brought to students in the rural communities,” explained Hubert Warupi, an organiser from PSMML.

The activities encourage group participation and discussion and allows students to identify their leadership skills as well as help each other build their literacy levels.

The Goodwill Values Program will not end at the conclusion of the Literacy Week but conducted for over 8 weeks, where students will be coached to take on the responsibility to run the program on their own with the help of their teachers and extend it to their communities.

Carolyn Ure