Mini Expo shows work done to address HIV by churches

A mini expo was staged a mini expo in conjunction with with the first HIV Summit for PNG Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV and AIDS.

This was an opportunity for churches and stakeholders who are working with the churches to showcase their work in relation to addressing HIV and other cross cutting issues.

The summit has brought together all heads of churches in the country to further discuss HIV, learn from the current HIV situation, and identify existing gaps in the response and how the churches as a collective voice can address these issues within their network.

Some participants said, this is great initiative for us to come out to let people know what we do to help the people and community and to make people aware that organisations such as ours exist to help out where possible.

So far, the outline of the two-day program has featured official remarks from various guest speakers followed by presentations on global and national HIV situations as well as reports on statements of commitment from respective church organisations in the first day.

Today’s program has covered mainly presentations from stakeholders and a panel discussion.

A closed door session only for the leaders to elaborate further on these issue and in the end come up with sets of recommendations as a way forward to their response to tackling HIV and GBV related matters in the country.

Picture: The Mini-Expo at the Stanley Hotel. Picture by Kennedy Bani