Menyamya welcomes new vehicles, machineries

On Monday, March 18, Menyamya District in Morobe Province welcomed four new vehicles, an excavator, two dump trucks, a tractor, four Lucas Mills and four chainsaws.

This is to continue boosting the service mechanism in the district, under the leadership of local MP and Vice Minister for Treasury, Solen Loifa.

When making the presentation, the local MP said: “We will continue to work hard for Menyamya to progress. This is the time for us to work. Not to involve in political debates with people with hidden political interests on social media.

“People heard us enough in 2022 when we were campaigning. Now they want to see and feel the actual service reaching them. Now is the time for criticisers to take some rest and allow us to deliver to the people.”

Of the four vehicles, two were presented to Menyamya Police and the other two were given to service the health sector in the district; one to Aseki Health Centre and the other to Lutheran Health Services.

Loifa appealed to his people to change their attitudes in order to change law and order.

“You continue the bad behaviour and we will keep on fixing law and order problems by buying cars and building police stations. But if you change your attitudes and start respecting young girls and women, stay away from drugs and alcohol, we will save money to build better roads, better bridges, education and health facilities.”

He further said: “The excavator and the dump trucks are for district works unit to attend to natural disaster and making maintenance so the roads are sustained for people to use.

“Tractor will be used to cut grass on the old airstrip and under the care of the district administration while the Lucas Mills and chainsaws will be distributed to those affected people who had their trees removed to pave the way for the construction of new roads in the district. So they can get timbers out of the trees while waiting for the district to rollout the roofing iron project soon.”

Two vehicles were donated by the National Gaming Control Board and Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, while the rest of the vehicles and machines were funded through the District Services Improvement Progroam funds and the MP’s discretionary funds.

The Regional Member for Bougainville and Police Minister, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, was in attendance. In support of the local MP, Minister Tsiamalili Jnr said: “Menyamya is so fortunate to elect a transformational leader. Menyamya will change because you have a very capable visionary leader. In a short space of time, Menyamya has seen a lot of changes through impact projects.”

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