Maprik called on to unite

Maprik district public servants for the first time are experiencing a dedication service to commit the year 2018 as well as district operations and all employees to the Lord.

The service held at the AOG church in Maprik Town saw public servants and local business men attend.

Acting CEO of the district, Joshua Himina whilst giving his welcome speech highlighted the need for unity in the District.

He said the dedication service is meant to commit all to the Lord adding that the organization is nothing without unity.

Meantime, the Member for Maprik, John Simon, was excited and acknowledged the move by the district under the leadership if the young Acting CEO.

He said, it is a necessity for the district to commit the year to the Lord, taking as our Country is a Christian country.

The member reiterated that starting next year the District will be having dedication services annually.

The member also supported the acting CEO's statement on setting differences aside and uniting as one.

Imelda Wavik