Major impact projects for Kotec LLG

Finance Minister and Finschhafen MP, Rainbo Paita, recently launched several key impact projects for Kotec Local Level Government area of Finschhafen District.

The main impact projects include the Kotec LLG Ring Road and the Kotec LLG Police Station.

Minister Paita said the Kótec LLG Ring Road Project  will cover Kotec ring road (Bonga - Wareo Zaferio Yunzaing New Cut) as feeder road to the main Lae-Finschhafen Highway which is currently under construction.

“This road project is covered under the Connect Finschhafen Policy through the Finschhafen District Five Year Integrated Development Plan capturing the Marape-Basil Government of Connect PNG Policy.”

Meanwhile, Minister Paita reemphasised that this is the 4th ring road launching, with a few more roads to be launched before the entire Finschhafen District will be linked to the main Lae-Finschhafen Highway to open up all rural areas for service and economic development.

“So far so good. Hube LLG is next to be launching its development agendas.”

Minister Paita was accompanied by  Nawaeb MP Kennedy Wenge, Raicoast MP Peter Sapia and Transport Minister & Goilala MP, William Samb.

Other projects launched during the occasion included:

  • Solar lights for nearly 17,000 students in the district
  • A new police boat
  • SME program for Kotec LLG
  • Chainsaws for all Kotec wards and communities
  • School uniforms for students and teachers’ support

The event concluded with a fireworks display that lasted for five minutes.

Minister Paita thanked Ward 10, Ward 9 and Ward 1 councillors for their support during the occasion.

Minister Paita echoed that slowly but surely, one step at a time development will reach all parts of Finschhafen district.

He reminded the people that his work focuses on the theme “wok bai tok” and that this is the road to economic independence under PANGU Pati’s slogan: “PANGU save long rot”.

Press release