Madang will regain former glory: Kramer

Madang was once known as the most beautiful province in Papua New Guinea, with its iconic landmarks such as the light house and white sandy beaches popular with surfers and divers.

Sadly, this is not the case anymore due to factors like law and order issues and urban drift.

However, Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, has vowed that Madang will regain its glory days.

He said during the past years, Madang’s reputation spiralled downwards due lack of proper approaches by the provincial government as well as leaders in the province.

The Madang MP believes that investing in policing in the province would be a way forward.

He said the main objective in boosting policing is to involve communities, hence community policing and auxiliary.

“We are looking at setting up community policing units, with about ten chosen youths, elected by the communities, who will then go through training programs and will be under allowances from the district level,” Kramer said.

He added that an awareness campaign at the community level will also be initiated to educate individuals or families to report or pass on intelligence of known trouble makers. This information will then be evaluated for further actions.

The information will be treated as record and exposure for these known troublemakers, said the MP.

Imelda Wavik