Local Doctor Supports Mulitaka Community

Dr. Sam Yockopua, from Mulitaka in Porgera-Paiela District of Enga Province, emerged as a beacon of hope for his community, returning home on June 12 to donate vital medical supplies and provide medical services.

The donation, consisting of 23 cartons of medical supplies weighing 260kg and valued at nearly K60,000, included antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, ointments, povidone-iodine, bandages, plasters, and other essentials. The contribution was presented at the Mulitaka Health Centre (MHC) in the presence of representatives from the Enga Provincial Health Authority (PHA) and was warmly received by HEO OIC Andrew Noho.

Expressing gratitude, OIC Noho remarked, "We have been struggling with medical supplies for some time, and when the disaster struck us, we faced a medical supplies crisis. Your generous help will go a long way, not only here but in all surrounding communities affected by the disaster."

Dr. Yockopua urged the Enga PHA to distribute the supplies to all health facilities in the affected areas, including Tumundan, Porgera, and Paiela. Additionally, he advocated for the reopening of the Porgera District Hospital and the revitalization of MHC.

Acknowledging the support of various organizations, including Bormeo Pacific Pharmaceuticals, CS Pharmacy Limited, Air Niugini, POM-Hagen, Enga Provincial Government, and Enga PHA, Dr. Yockopua emphasized, "Without their support, this humanitarian effort would not have been possible."

In addition to providing medical aid, Dr. Yockopua conducted training sessions on basic Disaster Management in Health and how to identify secondary waves of health issues. He pledged to return for further training in collaboration with the National Department of Health and other stakeholders.

During his visit, Dr. Yockopua also engaged with local leaders overseeing disaster relief efforts, mediating discussions between his community and the Enga Provincial Government. Former Council President, Jaman Yandam expressed gratitude for Dr. Yockopua's assistance.

"Now that our leader and doctor has intervened, the Provincial Government understands us, and we too understand them."

Dr. Yockopua is now preparing to return with a second wave of medical supplies, and additional health training, and to fulfil customary obligations, including the removal of haus-krai, as well as to devise solutions for the community's recovery and future resilience.

Loop Author