LEED Report shows outcomes

For the improvement of literacy outcomes for students in elementary school in the country, Digicel PNG Foundation in partnership with the Department of Education and Bilum Book have launched the Assessment Report.

This report launched early this month is for the Literacy Enrichment and Education Development (LEED) Program. With one of the key aspects of the LEED Program is the training of teachers to know how to use the Bilum Books Standard Based Curriculum for English teacher guides and student books.

The Bilum Books SBC English is an all in one literacy program designed to teach the skills of English to students no matter their mother tongue.

The literacy assessment is to provide evidence on the effectiveness of the program and the results contained in the report are findings from a 10-month literacy assessment involving 789 elementary students in 32 elementary schools in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB).

The assessment was done by comparing the performance of students from schools using the Bilum Books SBC English program with students from schools not using the program.

The findings proved that the anecdotal evidence that the elementary teacher using Bilum books improved students’ learning reading and comprehension across all strands in the standard based curriculum.

Deputy Secretary Curriculum and Standards, Paul Ainui and the representatives from the Education Department upon receiving the report was satisfied with the report and the evidence contained as he recommended such programs need to be taken in schools throughout PNG to improve the low level of literacy.

Chief Executive Officer for Digicel PNG Foundation, Serena Sasingian emphasized that in order for any program to be sustainable there must be togetherness with partners from the government and schools with strong governance and leadership.

‘’It is through partnership and commitment that we can all strive together for a better education system in our country.

“Digicel Foundation values its partnership with the PNG Education Department and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville Division of Education, Bilum Books, LEED trainers, the students, teachers and administration of the participating schools. It was through the collective efforts of everyone mentioned that made this report a success,” stated Sasingian.