Leaders Challenged To Do Right

A community leader in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province has blamed the Government for all the problems happening in the province and challenged leaders to put the people’s interests first.

Pastor Bernard Kaku said the people in the province are reaping the decision the leaders have made at the national level. He made these remarks during the launch of major impact projects at Momei oval in Mendi on Thursday.

“It is not the people and leaders of the province that is creating the problems in the province but the government's agents doing wrong decisions that is affecting the people."

Mr Kaku said that public servants appointed to head government departments or agencies have signed an oath to perform their constitutional duties right and transparently.

He stated that leaders are not mandated to enter Parliament to live a luxurious life but to serve with fairness.

“An educated leader is a servant that should be serving the people and their interest has to be our priority.

“If you think you can live a luxurious life at the expense of the people, you have a wrong concept. You need to repent and put your mind right to be a servant to the people.

“If you want to become rich, you don't have to be a politician. People give you mandate to serve them and their interest is our priority.”

Mr Kaku also thanked Prime Minister James Marape for launching impact projects in the province and assured him that 2022 elections in Southern Highlands will be done peacefully and in a transparent manner.

Freddy Mou