Largest ‘Teach for Tomorrow’ project announced

Non-Government Organisation, the Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF), has announced the beginning of Teach for Tomorrow for all partially-trained elementary teachers in Southern Highlands Province.

In its largest roll-out of the project to date, KTF and its partners at the PNG Education Institute and Southern Highlands Department of Education, will deliver the final stage of the mixed-mode, multigrade certificate of elementary teaching to 669 teachers across the Province.

In order to support the delivery of the 6-week training program, KTF has enlisted the generous support of six corporate and philanthropic partners. The consortium of donors includes ExxonMobil, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs ANCP program, Steamships, Flight Centre Foundation, James Family Foundation and Kumul Petroleum.

The project’s freight logistics are also being generously supported by PNG Air.

“We have enlisted the generous support of donors and partners from Papua New Guinea and Australia to deliver this important final stage of teacher training,” said Ian Kemish AM, Chair of KTF. “The 669 teachers come from all five districts across Southern Highlands Province and are currently operating schools in some of the country’s most remote locations.

“We are thrilled that this consortium of donors and partners have enabled us to bring the resources together to deliver the training – our largest consortium to date.”

Seven months ago, communities across Southern Highlands Province suffered the devastating impact of the Highlands earthquake which meant that KTF had to delay the roll-out of the teacher training program. Over the next 6 weeks, teachers will be given the opportunity to complete their training which will enable them to become fully certified and transferred to payroll positions.

KTF and PNGEI have trained 2,685 elementary teachers across 12 Provinces since August 2016.

(Teach for Tomorrow graduates from Enga Province, August 2018)

About KTF

KTF is an international development organisation that has been operating in PNG for over a decade. Our purpose is to work with people and communities to improve the lives and futures of Papua New Guineans. We work in partnership with communities, identify their needs and strengths, and together implement projects that achieve long term changes. We have recently expanded beyond the Kokoda catchment region in Oro and Central Provinces and support communities across 16 Provinces. 

Over the past decade, KTF has delivered aid and development activities in the areas of education, health, livelihoods and leadership. This has included the construction of school and aid post infrastructure, including WATSAN, along and around the Kokoda Track, delivery of educational supplies to 50 schools and drugs and medical supplies to 15 aid posts, postings of over 50 teachers and 20 community health workers, distribution of over 14,000 solar lights, and the design and delivery of the Archer Leadership program for 8 years. Over the past 2 years, KTF has trained 2,685 elementary teachers via its Teach for Tomorrow project. 

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