Land Groups Get Assistance

Land group's n Kokopo district have been called on to work together, when trying to acquire or take back plantations and private land, which were once customary owned.

In the past registered land groups were unsuccessful because they did not work together.

Kokopo MP Emil Tammur made this call on the weekend when handing over land mobilisation funds to three land groups in Kokopo/Vunamami Urban LLG and Bitapaka LLG, under the district Land Mobilisation program.

He said if people wanted to access land they must work together, as such arrangement are recognised by governments.

Mr Tammur handed over K50,000 to Bailu Land Group to complete the group's acquisition process.

Its 168 members come from Malakuna 4, Tinganavudu and Ulaulatava wards. 

Mr Tammur also gave K20,000 as final instalment to Bitagalip-Lavur clan in Bitapala LLG, for the Tanua Plantation.

The third group to receive assistance was KATABARA land group which is pushing to acquire VIMY plantation. 

KATABARA stands for the wards of Katakatai, Tabuna and Balada in Bitapaka, and Ramale in Kokopo/Vunamami.

Mr Tammur handed gave the first K15,000, out of the K30,000 commitment he made to the land group.

Previously, the Kokopo MP had assisted similar land groups such as Rabilika, Luluka and Kuradui block holders, so they could acquire their land, which was locked up in plantations and under private ownership.

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