Kumura Foundation: Walk 4 Change

Vincent Kumura is the Director of Kumura Foundation Inc., a small community-based organization in Bundi, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea.

He has helped many orphaned and disadvantaged children, and recently embarked on a WALK 4 CHANGE in Tasmania aiming to raise funds giving these children a fair chance in life.

Vincent Kumura, Director of Kumura Foundation has been leading the way in giving unfortunate children an opportunity to a better education, leaving no one behind.

Over three years ago, Vincent took 46 orphaned and disadvantaged children aged at 6 to 12 from remote Bundi in Madang Province to study at the Gembogl Orphan Resource Centre ACE School in Gembogl, Simbu Province as boarding students.

If these students were to remain in Bundi, the chances of them going to school would be impossible. Therefore, Vincent decided to give them a fair chance in life.

Currently, 20 girls and 26 boys are lodged in a crowded 7-meter by 8-meter makeshift dormitory, which is unhygienic and not conducive to their learning.

To provide a better living and learning environment for these children, Vincent recently trekked solo in Tasmania, Australia, for seven days from February 9th to the 15th this year.

His aim was to raise AUD $35,000, approx. 80,000PGK to build a 60-person dormitory for the orphaned children of Bundi who are currently studying at the Gembogl Orphan Resource Centre ACE School in Gembogl, Simbu Province.

Classes for this year commenced on the 2nd week of February, and 50 students have been enrolled, lodging in the same makeshift dormitory. This makes it imperative to raise funds for the building of the new dormitory by April.

As a small community-based organization in a remote area of Papua New Guinea, they have no social security safety net. Therefore, Vincent made the bold decision to trek in Tasmania for a week to raise awareness and funds to help enhance the noble mission of the foundation.

The Kumura Foundation is seeking help to support this genuine endeavor, and every donation given will help educate a disadvantaged child in remote Papua New Guinea.

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