Kosipe notes progress in potato project

People in Kosipe Village, Central Province, have made quite a progress with their potato planting activities.

Early this month Goilala MP William Samb visited his people with tools, which were bought with funding under the District’s Services Improvement Program, to assist them.

The K43,000 worth of agriculture tools were flown into Kosipe Village and distributed among the four main clans.

Two-hundred-and-twenty-two Tramontina knives, 220 spades, 68 hoe heads and 117 axe heads were shared.

They were to help with the English potato project; an initiative of Samb, with knowledge and skills support from the Fresh Produce Development Agency.

“The English potato program is still in its trial stage because we want the villagers to learn from it and improve their farming techniques,” the local MP said.

In 2016, Samb brought English potato seedlings from Laiagam in Enga Province to trial potato farming in Goilala.

The Fresh Produce Development Agency advised him to do so, and the result was phenomenal.

Last year, the District committed to a 1 million kina partnership with the FPDA; the result is seen from the first harvest done early this month.

Goilala District is putting into action its provincial leader’s plan to invest in agriculture, knowing the government will most definitely support it.

“The program is helping the District address food security issues, improve its cash economy and alleviate poverty,” he said.

He called on his people to embrace new knowledge and techniques of food cultivation.

(Kosipe English potatoes packed in New Zealand bags)


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