Kokoda Track Landowners Unite

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) hosted a peace-making ceremony on May 12 at Kovelo Village in Oro Province.

This event aimed to resolve escalating tensions among local landowners who had blocked access to the historic Kokoda Track. The barricade, erected by villagers, was at a key checkpoint for trekkers.

The ceremony was attended by key figures, including KTA board members, local village leaders, Oro Provincial Administrator Trevor Megei, and representatives from the Papua New Guinea Tourism Authority (TPA). The gathering underscored a renewed commitment to community unity and development.

Trevor Megei, the Oro Province’s Provincial Administrator, reassured the community of the government’s dedication to enhancing local projects that support their well-being. He highlighted the recent visits of the Australian and PNG Prime Ministers as significant, indicating strong governmental support for addressing landowners' concerns and promoting sustainable development along the Kokoda Track.

Julius Wargirai, CEO of KTA, met with village leaders, encouraging collaboration with the government to formulate a five-year community development plan. He emphasized the track's importance as a cultural and historical site and the need to facilitate tourist access to support local development.

Eric Mossman Uvovo, CEO of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority and Deputy Board Chairman of KTA, reiterated the commitment to sustainable tourism.

He emphasized the collective effort required to preserve the Kokoda Track for future generations, highlighting the importance of unity and cooperative development with landowners.

The peace-making ceremony marks a significant step towards resolving local conflicts and fostering a brighter future for the communities along the Kokoda Track, ensuring it remains a cherished historical and cultural site.

Loop Author