Kavieng Urban Council gets logistical boost

The Kavieng Urban Council held a small but significant ceremony yesterday to celebrate needed logistical support to assist with its daily activities of managing the up keep and affairs of the town.

Launched was a brand new Toyota Landcruiser funded by the New Ireland Provincial Government and a speedboat funded by the town Council.

Town Mayor, Sikal Kelep said it was a historical moment for the Council as the transportation support will assist its “Town Rangers” program.

“The town Rangers will support the work of the police by ensuring that laws and regulations are followed by the public in Kavieng Town. They will also ensure spot fines are imposed,” said Mayor Kelep.

He expressed his appreciation towards the Town Rangers who always ensures that the public adheres to health and public safety standards and ensures important Government infrastructure are protected.

“We thank the New Ireland Government for building our entire infrastructure in Kavieng including the sealing of the roads, the New Ireland Legislative Assembly, the Kavieng Stadium, the Kavieng Urban Council Chamber and for partnering with NAC to ensure the Kavieng Airport was built without much interruption,” said Kelep.

Law and Order in the Provincial Executive Council Chairman, Edwin Maigen thanked the PEC for endorsing his submission for the transport assistance for the Kavieng Town Rangers.

About 30 Town Rangers have been recruited to carry out auxiliary policing duties.

Loop author