June Valley settlers call Governor for resettlement

People who once resided along the now newly constructed June Valley to Badihagwa freeway are currently living in distress and unhealthy conditions.

Gomosasipo Community Association Inc., who are also part of the June Valley community have expressed concerns over their said relocation dating back to 2015.

Secretary, Garry Imiri said that they had learnt about the construction of the new road back in 2015 of which they were promised a land for relocation once the construction began.

Untill today, they are still waiting.

Members of the Gomodasipo Association had set up a land profile with each of the family heads listed down who were ready for relocation.

"We had our profiles prepared and presented to the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and the Member for Moresby North West, Michael Malabag and to no avail, we have yet to hear from the NCDC authorities let alone the Member."

Concerned parents, Sam Akeke and Ben Ure said it's been over 10 months since they were told that they were going to be relocated.

"Some of our leaders have passed away fighting for our voices to be heard and for how long are we going to wait," says Sam Akeke.

He said the community understands that the issuing of writs is days away and we would like for our people to be resettled at least before the new road is completed.

"Our children are missing school days because of the unhealthy conditions that we are residing in," says community leader, Ben Ure.

He adds that we have been following up on the profiles that we had sent out to NCD and North West Member in 2015, all throughout 2016 and now the election year-2017.

"We have no grudges against those in authority but we ask that you realize the pain of not having proper running water and the condition some of the public servants have to leave in to make ends meet everyday."

Those affected have been appealing and are appealing again to the NCD Governor and North West Member to look into the woes of their people.