A Journey of Hope and Friendship

China Medical Team at the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) celebrated 100 Days of triumph for baby Taylor, by paying a visit to Yebu village, between Inauabui village and Bereina, Kairuku on Saturday 5th August.

In a heartwarming celebration, family members, village leaders, media friends, and guests gathered to celebrate the 100th day since the birth of little Taylor Inapi, baby of a Josephine Inapi, who was discharged from PMGH Special Care Nursery on May 16, 2023.

Dr. Zhenqiu Liu, deputy captain of the 12th China Medical Team and an Associate Professor of Paediatrics at POMGEN, led the event, displaying the remarkable recovery journey of this young fighter.

He expressed heartfelt gratitude for the warm reception and unwavering support shown by the family of baby Taylor. The Head Nurse of Special Care Nursery Sr. Kuman, the Head Nurse of SCN at POMGEN accompanied Dr. Liu.

Baby Taylor's story is nothing short of a miracle. Just a few months ago, the newborn faced a severe respiratory failure that posed a significant threat to his life.

However, thanks to the combined efforts of the China Medical Team and the SCN at POMGEN, cutting-edge techniques such as ventilation and advanced medical care were used to successfully save Taylor's precious life.

During the visit, Dr. Liu shared a video that captures Taylor’s extraordinary journey of recovery with the family, media and friends who were present in the community in honour of the 100th day of Taylor since his birth, displaying the little warrior’s determination and resilience.

“It was obvious from just a few months ago, newborn Taylor faced a severe respiratory failure, posing a significant threat to his life. However, through the combined efforts of the China Medical Team and the SCN at POMGEN, we employed cutting-edge techniques called ventilation and advanced medical care to save Taylor's precious life.

Dr. Liu said, Taylor's journey to recovery can only be described as a miracle, as from the day he came under their care, the team knew that every second was crucial.

“Our dedicated healthcare professionals worked tirelessly day and night, leaving no effort spared to provide Taylor with the best possible care. The love and dedication poured into his treatment not only saved his life but also strengthened the bond between our medical team and the local community,” Dr. Liu said. 

Dr. Liu also shed light on the challenges faced in neonatal care. Inadequate prenatal checks, unstandardized neonatal resuscitation, and a shortage of neonatal respiratory support methods have contributed to an increase in neonatal mortality rates.

As part of the China Medical Team, Dr. Liu and his colleagues at POMGEN have been relentlessly working to find solutions and address these issues.

“To express our care and concern, we have prepared some essentials to support Taylor's family. These items may seem small, but they carry our sincere emotions for Taylor and his family. We sincerely appreciate the trust of Taylor's family and village leaders, allowing us to be part of Taylor's journey to recovery,” Dr Liu added.

Taylor’s 100th day celebration trip including supplies for the family were sponsored by Leon Hardware. 

“I would like to express my gratitude to this great Chinese company, which has been silently undertaking social responsibilities, giving back to the community, and carrying out public welfare and charity activities.

The family of Taylor and the community also reciprocated the kind gesture of the medical team and donors with local food and gifts. 

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