Jobs Create Opportunities

Buk bilong Pikinini launched another book “When I Grow Up I want to be a Heavy Equipment Operator” and this edition is with Hastings Deering and featured in the reader is 6-year old Tryphina.

Twenty (20) BbP students went on a special tour to inspect all sorts of mining and construction equipment at the Hastings Deering work site and they were so excited to get into an excavator simulator, giving a real-life experience of how a real machine is operated.

Hastings Deering PNG & Solomon Islands Area Manager, Andrew Dare said, “The opportunity for HDPNG to invest in the future of young Papua New Guinean’s is an absolute pleasure for us to be a part of.  Days like today we hope are not only lifelong memories for the children, but our staff as well, as they also learn another important part of our business – which is giving back to community. 

“We thank all management, staff and volunteers of BbP as well as all corporate supporters in any capacity that have contributed to grow this wonderful opportunity for the past 15 years.  We look forward to playing a small part for many years to come.​“

The children and staff of BbP were treated to lunch and a very special cake courtesy of the Hastings Deering team right after the tour and book launch.

BbP extended thanks to Hastings Deering PNG and the ongoing support from the Sir Brian Bell Foundation, photography from Roan Paul, Vanessa Kerton and editing support from Wild Dog Books.

“Thanks to the sponsorship and in-kind support, PNG children are able to read books which feature children just like themselves in leadership roles, learning about jobs that are needed locally and which are fun to read.”


Carol Kidu