Imbonggu eyes rural electrification

The Imbonggu District Development Authority (IDDA) has recognised the benefits of electricity and has committed to partner with PNG Power Limited (PPL).

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology, Pila Niningi, says what Imbonggu District Development Authority is doing is in line with the National Government Medium Term Development Strategies (MTDS) and Vision 2050 by providing infrastructure and services to the rural communities.

This is evidenced by making available K100,000 for rural electrification in the Imbonggu Electorate, which will take place from Kaka to Kero High School. This is a 3km power line project which will provide power supply to Kero High School, School Administration, Teachers Houses and also local communities along the power line route.

The Kaka to Kero High School project is the second project the Imbonggu Rural Electrification Program is doing and Minister Niningi is keen to see many rural people in his district have access to electricity. Minister Niningi said the first project, from Koropangi to Komoli, has already been completed and is waiting for switch on anytime this month.

It is a project that will benefit over 10,000people.

“At present, a very small percentage of Imbonggu people have access to electricity supply, though Paunda Hydro is in our electorate,” Minister Niningi said.

Imbonggu will be the first District in Southern Highlands Province to rollout easipay meter system to over 200 households.

Minister Niningi also assures the PNG Power Board Members and the acting Managing Director, Carolyn Blacklock, that his community will take good care of the PNG Power Limited workmen during the power line construction phase.

“There won’t be any disruptions during the construction and I can give you my full assurance on this. There will be no compensation demands and no illegal connections,” Minister Niningi stated.

He also said during his term, he would like to see all the communities with road links to have access to the PNG Power Electricity, but said with limited district funding, he will have to seek support from other stakeholders and donor agencies.

“Today, this second project if completed will boost the number of household that are being lit up to over 500 households covering 7km so far,” Minister Niningi stated.

The PNG Power Limited has already mapped out the communities within the Imbonggu District and is now working closely with the IDDA to see the roll out of the project soon. Some areas that the PNG Power Rural Electrification will cover include:

  • From Kero High School to surrounding Kongibulgu and Binbine;
  • Kero Primary School;
  • Orei to Tawekombu;
  • Kendali to Iombi/Lepora;
  • Kaupena (Lipenomu) to Piambel – Gia;
  • Kume village and Ponomongo (5:30) village;
  • Tona Primary School to Tukupangi and to Koutoli;
  • Walume to Iombi and to Kumbeme and to Limbiale (Missing Link);
  • Sumia to Pinj;
  • Sumia to Yaria;
  • Asesa to Pundia;
  • Lumbi to Tutam; and
  • Yebi to Waruputi

Minister Niningi also thanked Blacklock for the upgrading of the Paunda Hydro Project earlier this year. He said Paunda Hydro is a very impact project that successive governments have overlooked over the past years.

(Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister, Pila Niningi, right, presenting the K100,000 dummy cheque to the PNG Power acting Managing Director, Carolyn Blacklock, in the presence of members of the PNG Power Limited Board and IDDA)

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