ILG encouraged to develop land

“Don’t sell away your children’s future.”

This was reiterated by the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, Justin Tkacthenko, when officially presenting an ILG Certificate to a group in one of several developments, under the customary land requirements.

With the new certificate, the people of Arere Morea Gunina ILG in Porebada can no longer be spectators in their own land.

Tkacthenko encouraged the clan present that they can now be able to develop their land knowing that this certificate can clearly identify who they are.

“The most important thing is that you are recognised by the government and by the lands department as an incorporated ILG Group.”

He said registering ILG’s is not an easy task considering that there is a lot of jealousy, a lot of problems come up between clans and family members which causes division in the process.

He added however that when we get the process correct, everyone is happy and we can do wonderful things for our clans and families.

“We look forward in continually supporting and identifying all our customary land owners so they can register their ILG’s and allow for investment and development.

He added that this document alone allows the clan to move forward and then open doors to investors to do joint business activities with the clan members. 

Annette Kora