Gazelle, Believe Global Install Community Hub

Gazelle District in East New Britain Province recently had an agreement with Believe Global to install a Believe Community Hub in the electorate.

The Believe Community Hubs are designed to provide dedicated youth development programs, education training, health services and general community support in rural areas across the nation.

Each Hub will be equipped with high-tech A/V connection via internet for ease of global connectivity and program delivery.

The community hubs will help to build a sense of community, build better and more integrated services and contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of people in the Gazelle district.

The hub model breaks away from the traditional model of community services, providing a holistic and integrated model that fosters community engagement and connectivity.  

According to Neil Smith of Believe Global, the long-term vision of this project is to have a Believe Community Hub in each of the 89 districts of Papua New Guinea.

Mr Smith believes that the installation of these Hubs will significantly contribute to Papua New Guinea’s 2050 vision of becoming a smart, wise, fair, healthy and happy society, transcending geographical boundaries to build a stronger nation and brighter future for all.

Loop Author