Funding assistance for women vendors

Moresby North-East electorate mothers who are engaged in the informal sector will be given assistance, announced local Member John Kaupa.

He said his five-year development plan includes capturing the rollout of Small to Medium Enterprises for mothers for the electorate. This will be launched this month.

Kaupa said some of the electorate’s DSIP funds will be parked with the National Development Bank and mothers engaged in the informal sector will receive K5,000 funding for their businesses.

Kaupa told the women to register their businesses with Investment Promotion Authority and open an account with a commercial bank to receive funding assistance.

Further to his announcement, Kaupa said literacy programs for economic empowerment are also in the plan and the district administration will coordinate partnerships with NGOs and stakeholders to do viable training for mothers.

Agriculture programs are included for those who have land in the electorate and are involved in the farming of fresh produce, poultry and piggery projects.

(File pic of women vendors)

Carolyn Ure