Fund life-changing programs: BOC

Body of Christ Churches have appealed for more funding to support law enforcement agencies.

BOC Deputy Chairman Pastor Michael Wilson said the church could do more than what they are doing now in terms of evangelization.

“And we’re appealing to the government as we always do that please law and order is real, people are being affected. Therefore we call on the government institutions that if there is resources, redirect funding to the police and army and then to the court system and let us address this law and order issue,” said Ps. Wilson.

The church is on the ground addressing a lot of law and order issues in their capacities including counselling, praying for them, and breaking peace. One of the tools that it is using to bring peace to the community is to change the life of a person.

“With the word of Jesus Christ the Word of God, people change forever. I have seen criminals change. We've seen criminals change. And who change them? God changes them. And therefore we appeal that maybe in the budgeting process or maybe in the programs that you’re doing,  why can’t funding be given to the churches to run programs that will change the life of a person?”

Ps Wilson also called on Christians in the communities to do their part in dealing with their young people who are causing trouble. This includes prayer and counselling, and inviting  them to church.

Loop author