Foundation wins trail bike

The Kumura Foundation’s dream for an extra set of wheels came true when they won a lucky draw by the TNA Supermarket.

The Simbu shopping centre presented them a trail bike after they were revealed as the winners of the lucky draw Christmas promotion.

At 2pm on February 4th, the Kumura Foundation team was presented with a Shineray 250 Trail Bike by Gerard Philip, the Managing Director of TNA Holdings Ltd at the TNA Supermarket in Kundiawa, Simbu Province.

Gandine Rudolf, the Treasurer of the foundation, said: “We are in dire need of wheels to move back and forth from Bundi. We have some of our ongoing projects up here in Simbu like the ‘Educating Orphans of Bundi Project’ at Mondia Bridge and every time we trek for hours on the Mondia Road to see them. Now that we have a bike, we can now move a little faster”.

The promotion, which started in September, saw the foundation vow to win the bike.

“All shopping for our orphans at Mondia Bridge were done at the TNA supermarkets. We know that the more receipts we put in increases our chances to win. And sure enough, we did win because one of our receipts was pulled up.”

The receipt came under the name of Bundi man Peter Lapun, who is the foundation’s volunteer cook for the orphans.

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