Foundation thanks Mapai

Kumura Foundation, a local community-based organisation of remote Bundi in Madang Province, has extended its appreciation to Mapai Transport for supporting them.

The company of the late Chief Jacob Luke has given an open-back Toyota Land Cruiser, named ‘099’ as logistical support for the Foundation’s projects, serving in the Northern Corridor of Simbu (Kundiawa-Gembogl-Bundi) since June 2023 in the areas of rural health, education and community services.  

“It is a great story for the nation of community partnership with the country’s largest trucking company serving a remote community,” said the director of Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura.

“Late Luke visited us at Snow Pass, Bundi, in November 2021 and committed to give us an open-back Landcruiser.  

“Two years on and his memory is honoured through 099 serving in the Northern Corridor of Simbu. We are very thankful to the Mapai Transport’s board and management team for releasing 099 to help us with the projects.”

One of the projects started in June 2023 in partnership with the Sir Brian Bell Foundation. It involves the building of a dormitory for 70 students and 10 community health posts for Bundi.

 “These are huge undertakings for a small community-based organisation with vast limitations. As such, we have written to Mapai Transport for logistical support. Over the last 9 months, 099 has helped us tremendously in loading machines for milling timbers and loading timber and materials for building a 70-person orphan students’ dormitory at the Gembogl Orphan Resource Centre ACE School in Simbu Province,” said the foundation director, Vincent Kumura,

Kumura added that 099 has also helped them in building four community health posts in Upper Bundi, including maintaining bridges in Gembogl that connect Bundi.  

The vehicle has also transported medical supplies and medical volunteers for their annual 2023 ‘Travel2Change’ medical patrol in Upper Bundi, where they saw and treated 765 patients and referred 11 to proper health facilities in Simbu.

“We have 64 disadvantaged children of Bundi under our care attending schools in Gembogl as boarding students and 099 continues to help us move food rations from Kundiawa and Jiwaka to feed these children on a weekly basis. A task which otherwise would have been a great challenge for us.” 

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