Foundation aims to improve literacy in PNG

Just one single book can make an enormous impact in the life of a child in PNG, says Yolanda Bafmatuk.

She is the coordinator of Telikom Foundation Inc (TFI) , who today launched its Foundation Donation Box.

The donation box captures two programs within itself:

  • Donation of library books for school children
  • Donation of items to be presented to the Children’s Ward at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

This is part of the foundation’s goal and vision to improve literacy in the country.

Bafmatuk said PNG has very low literacy rates.

The foundation’s main objective is to improve literacy through the use of technology for the under privileged children in the country.

TFI embarked on a program last year, where it delivers internet in schools and creates an IT lab equipped with computers, printers and projector.

“Technology is a leverage for us because that is the core of our business,” said Bafmatuk.

TFI does so with its subsidiary company Datec, offering these services at a reduced price.

Bafmatuk said there were simpler ways to address the low literacy issue.

“Touching the life of one child through one book is enormous in itself,” she added.

The foundation presented a cheque of K1 550 to Buk Bilong Pikinini. The monies were raised during a fundraising auction co-hosted by Telikom PNG.

In the meantime, public is encourage to donate items, alongside Telikom PNG staff, management and clients, for the purpose of the programs launched today.

Gloria Bauai