First-ever xmas gathering for remote community

The remote Snow Pass village in Bundi, Madang Province, had its first-ever ‘Community Christmas Program’ on Thursday December 24th.

The event, hosted by a local community-based organisation of Bundi, Kumura Foundation, involved a hearty lunch for 21 elderly members (ages 65 to 90) and a community coffee/milo night at Snow Pass village on Christmas Eve.

During the coffee/milo night, the foundation shared with the villagers their journey and some of the highlights and challenges of their work in 2020. 

“We also played some photo slides and videos of our work to keep the community informed of our journey,” shared foundation CEO, Vincent Kumura.

“On Christmas Day (Dec 25), worship was held in the morning followed by community sports till 5pm. The sports included egg-and-spoon race, sack race, balloon blowing competition, rice eating competition while blindfolded, tang drinking competition, tug of war, and many other fun activities for everyone in the village (kids, youths and adults alike) followed by basketball in the afternoon by 10 teams from 4 villages of Bundi.

“The program attracted hundreds of people. More than 100 children were given balloons and candies for Christmas. 

“In fact, people at Snow Pass and the surrounding communities who participated at the event were very impressed and equally happy about the program.”

Margaret Azuwe of Snow Pass said: “Bipo bipo mipela stap, nogat wanpela taim mipela save hamamas long Krismas olsem o lukim dispela kain progrem. Dispela em naispela progrem tru na mipela olgeta man meri pikinini long Snow Pass tok bikpela tenk yu tru long yupela ol faundesen tim na graun komiti long Snow Pass long ogenaisim dispela program. Mi kisim maus blong olgeta na tok bikpela tenk yu tru.”

A young youth leader from Pomie village of Bundi also said thank you on behalf of the youths and expressed his deep appreciation for the inaugural event.

Kumura said: “As a community-based organisation (CBO), our success on the ground depends on the kind of relationship we have with our communities. And Snow Pass is where the foundation is stationed and breathes.

“This ‘Community Christmas Program’ is aimed at nurturing our relationship with the community, promote peace, unity and community spirit and building a better community going into New Year 2021.

“Kumura Foundation is very thankful to the people who supported this program.”

Press release