Family Support Centre opens new building

The Family Support Service based at Port Moresby General Hospital at Three-Mile this morning saw the opening of their new support centre to cater and support victims of violence.

This was an initiative of the Australian Government working in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea.

The Family Support Service Centre will enable more women and children to access the basic health service they need.

Officiating the opening of the new building was Port Moresby General Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr Umesh Gupta and Australian Counsellor for Gender and Sport, Susan Fergusson.

Fergusson in her opening remarks spoke about the importance of the work of the Family Support Service adding that violence is a big issue in PNG and on a global scale is very common worldwide.

“This hinders local communities to develop that understanding that violence is not right and unless there is lack of involvement by members in the communities, this issue will still prevail.”

She commended the work done by the Family Social Service staff adding that they are one of the key contributing services in the country who work to reduce the rate and help victims of violence.

 “The refurbishment plays a key part in expanding work space to cater for more victims to come and get the much needed help available in the centre.”

Dr Gupta acknowledged the kind initiative and generosity of both governments adding that apart from the main operations of the general hospital, the Family Support Service Centre is equally important for work it contributes to helping the people of PNG.


Annette Kora