ExxonMobil brings forward Red Shield Appeal donation

With many parts of PNG suffering from the effects of the recent earthquake, the need for The Salvation Army’s support has never been greater.

ExxonMobil PNG has brought forward is annual donation to the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal, providing them with advanced funds to purchase urgent supplies needed in the relief efforts.                                                                                         

It is the sixth consecutive year ExxonMobil PNG has supported the Appeal with the funds traditionally being used to assist the Salvation Army to carry out its social services programs in communities in PNG.

The company has also purchased a large quantity of much-needed food goods which the Salvation Army will take to Moro, Southern Highlands, from where they will be distributed to affected communities.

ExxonMobil PNG managing director, Andrew Barry, joined company volunteers in their efforts to prepare goods being given to the Salvation Army and thanked them for their hard work on Tuesday, 6 March, in Port Moresby.

Volunteers packed rations into individual packs that will provide food for one month for nearly 250 households.    

“To ensure our support helps to address the most immediate needs of the affected people, we reached out to the Salvation Army who have considerable expertise in disaster relief and recovery,” he said.

“I want to thank them and all the relief workers who are working as quickly as possible to help the communities in the Highlands.”

(ExxonMobil PNG’s managing director Andrew Barry (centre right) and community affairs coordinator Mohammed Paul packing goods at the Salvation Army for distribution to impacted Highlands communities)

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