Empower Youths Through Sports: Teacher

A teacher in the South Fly District believes that empowering youths through sports is the way forward in changing mindset and attitudes.

School teacher, Justin Mageru, was team manager for Sewiri Seeds, who took part in the first leg of the Satellite Rugby Union 7s tournament.

He was managing the team because he supported the idea of empowering the youth of South Fly District, Western Province.

Mageru said one too many times, he had seen youths being ignored or left out of active participation in the development of the district and province, and hopes that sports can change that.

“Sports is an avenue that can bring our youths together to participate in activities and not be marginalized by the government. It helps to change their attitudes and mindsets towards making better decision in life,” he said.

Mageru added that support for youths in the district was lacking and when they are left out, there is nothing to do so they get involved in illegal activities.

The Satellite 7s tournament has brought youths together to compete against each other in a positive way. It changes their mindset, their attitude and importantly, it makes them feel important and included.

 He pointed out that the only thing missing is government involvement.

“I would like to see the government invest in our youths who are the future leaders of the province. If we don’t do anything for them, we will continue to encounter violence in our communities and other illegal activities caused by the youths,” said Mageru.

He said the government must act now and get youths involved in various development activities that will keep them busy.

Godwin Eki