Electrification promise for Karavia

100 pieces of Easipay metre boxes will be distributed to households in the Karavia ward of Central Gazelle LLG, in the Gazelle district of East New Britain Province.

This was made public by Gazelle MP Jelta Wong on Thursday, 9th March.

Wong, who is also National Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister, made the announcement at the Star of Seas School ground during the double launch of a K250,000 double classroom for the school and the commissioning of the K2.1 million electricity supply.

The double classroom was funded by the Gazelle District Development Authority (GDDA), of which Minister Wong is the chairman.

The K2.1 million power supply was sourced by Minister Wong from Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited.

The electricity supply covers 3 kilometres of high voltage lines and 4 kilometres of low voltage lines.

Minister Wong said the GDDA will help the villagers with 100 Easipay metre boxes for a start, citing that power cannot be accessed until metre boxes are installed.

For many, it was more than 45 years of waiting for such basic service as Karavia is just a 10-minute drive out of Rabaul town and five minutes from neighbouring village Raburua, which has enjoyed electricity over the years.

Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited chairman, Professor David Kavanamur, said they stand ready to support Gazelle district as partners in development with the new proposed 9 megawatt solar farm at Wairiki, in the Toma-Vunadidir LLG.

He said East New Britain needs 30 megawatts of electricity supply and a solar farm project will be an added bonus to complement the Warangoi hydro power.

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