EHP Maternal Waiting Hut Opened

Postnatal care is an essential part of safe motherhood and child delivery.

The Waniati Maternal Waiting Hut (WMWH) in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, is a place dedicated especially to pregnant women in disadvantaged situations.

Through Digicel Foundation’s Community Grant Support Program, the association was able to construct a postnatal building in Okiufa Village within Goroka district, adding to its facility a much-needed hand in housing mothers who usually find it difficult during the repatriation process. 

Waniati Maternal Waiting Hut ensures food and accommodation, labour ward items such as maternity pads, soap and toilet paper, are provided to the women, including transport from the hut to the hospital labour ward or when the mothers are repatriated back home.

Director Victor Timothy, a Man of Honour recipient and his wife, Sr. Bolena Azimo, have given their time in serving their community selflessly by giving up their time, effort, money and land to house this program. 

Officiating at the opening, Digicel PNG Foundation Regional Manager, Brian Malone, thanked the community and everyone involved in the successful program.

“It's humbling to meet people who are so dedicated in committing their life to the betterment of their communities; and it’s very rare,” stated Malone.

Appreciating the efforts, Timothy thanked the Digicel PNG Foundation and other partners, saying: “It serves the whole Eastern Highlands Province; that’s the only waiting hut.

“We even get mothers as far as from Simbu and Madang Province.”

Waniati Maternal Waiting Hut will now meet the demanding needs for better maternity and postnatal care within the province, and contribute towards minimising the high rate of maternal and infant mortality rates in Eastern Highlands Province and the country.

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